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Welcome! Lost something recently? A month, a year, or 50 years ago? We can find it!!!!!

Hello all my name is Edward and this is South Florida Metal Detectors LLC

I started this business cause I love metal detecting, and also cause I believe in honest service and not taking advantage of someone in need. I don't want to know if the item has stones or not or what its value is. Well maybe sentimentality cause I like to see ppl happy but not monetarily, that shouldn't matter. So please be careful with other services that ask about value before negotiating to find it... Unfortunately if you don't agree on their price they are going to just find it anyway... You just tell me what type of metal and where, and I'll base my time on the environment only. Never based on it's value. That's just fair and honest.

It all started long ago as a kid when I was given this very old (and not very capable lol) metal detector. Well after some nails and coins I was hooked for life. I was and still am just amazed at how much stuff there really is all around us in every type of ground. There's grass/soil, rocks, sand, rivers, lakes, in water out of water everywhere! The list is truly endless!!!! So here I am over 20 years later and I guess you could say I've found a lot more nails and coins lol. And gold, platinum, silver, tungsten, titanium, copper, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, pewter on and on. If it's metal, we can find it. We will continue to upgrade our website with photos and stories of our extremely valued and satisfied customers.

Who we are

We are very experienced, and even more professional metal detectorists. We are 100% thorough and 110% honest with every single job. From a beloved toy lost 30 years ago in the back yard, to the emergency recovery of that wedding band lost just hours ago at the beach or park in heavily detector trafficked areas!

Most people mite not really know how advanced and capable today's high end metal detectors are. They can make different sounds for different metals, they can give numerical values based on the reactive conductivity different metals can omit. They can even give depth estimates that will change the tone and number reading coinciding with the various environments and media. That is what we specialize in, experience. With the tools, the experience, the efficiency and talent, anything can be achieved to the highest degree. And that is why you can rely on South Florida Metal Detectors for your recovery needs, performed to the most complete, effective and efficient degree possible.

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What we do

We offer two services.
Emergency and Private.

EMERGENCY SERVICE would be for lost items in public places for example beaches, parks, playgrounds, sandbars etc. These are heavily detector trafficked areas and you mite need to act fast sometimes. Most detectorists hunt early early morning or at night, we don't venture out into the crowds during the middle of a busy day where everyone is still crowding these common areas. But wherever ppl gather in numbers, metal detectorists look. Don't forget we offer underwater detection searching as well. I am a fully licensed scuba diver and have found many lost items from the bottom of a lake or edge of a swimming hole, to overboard in the intercoastal. If it's metal, we can find it.

PRIVATE SERVICE on the other hand is basically the full or partial residential recovery, where the customer retains our services to search within his or her property or maybe a friends, and keeps absolutely every item we retrieve. We have many specialty tools for digging the most unnoticeable excavations to various detectors best suited for all the different medias South Florida has to offer both in and out of the water. We have found coins and money stashed in old mason jars, stud earrings (yes we absolutely can find that diamond earring stud lost in the yard) to lost family heirlooms, missing jewelry in the canal out back, to the wedding band found right beside the driveway that was lost during that holiday BBQ at a friends house 10 years ago. All the way to grandmas old necklace lost in the garden 40 or 50 years ago. Or out of curiosity or gift all those toys long lost and forgotten in the shady corner of the yard dad used to play in as a child. In residential recovery we can search a precise guesstimated area in search of one item. Or fully scan the entire property and every coin, toy car, dads first knife, nail, screw, bolt, piece of foil, sisters lost toe ring lol (I actually found one and it was quite a good laugh for the whole family) you name it, cause it's all there. All items will be carefully retrieved and presented to the customer after an extensive criss cross direction, double grid pattern has been performed and completed. The absolute highest level of professionalism can be counted on during every hunt. You have my personal word. You can even tag along during the entire process taking you back through history and watch the look on people's faces when they recognize something they haven't seen since childhood. It truly can get get touching/exciting sometimes!!! A highly recommended experience from any child to a parent.

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Give us a call or text today! We offer two services.
Emergency and Private

Emergency service pricing can vary given the sometimes delicate or difficult nature of some recovery areas, (i.e. our full scuba diving recovery service) also the area size, and possible inherently adverse legalities. *But as an honest policy backed by my integrity and genuine appreciation of each and every customer. I assure you I never base any emergency hunt on anything whatsoever other than time, area, and the difficulty of the hunt.* It shouldn't make any difference if I was looking for a fake gold $10 ring worth $1,000,000 in sentimental value. Or a real $1,000,000 diamond ring worth $10 sentimental value. It shouldn't matter cause what's fair is fair and I would never take advantage of anyone in one of these unfortunate situations.

Private recovery service is a flat rate of 79$ for the first hour and 39$ for each additional hour.
*(For recoveries within relatively small areas, say a corner of the yard, one hour is usually sufficient. We can cover an average swimming pool size area in about 10 minutes if we know what we are looking for)*

***If need be due to the most extreme recovery conditions I will always provide unwavering determination and integrity for every one of our unfortunate customers in extra special need. I genuinely sympathize with each and every person who has lost something that is so much more than just some pretty piece of metal. Losing certain items with attached sentimental value can be devastating, even unhealthy I know. So unless it's pretty much humanly impossible, I strive beyond the obvious monetary compensation to provide the services necessary to make these situations resolved and make my customer whole again***

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